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 Worship Times

Regular Worship Schedule At Messiah

We have kid talks; music, dramas and all of the people at Messiah want to make you feel welcome when you attend one of our worship services.

Communion is served on the first and third Sunday of the month and on the Wednesdays following.



8:00 am Traditional Worship

9:15 am Kids' Faith Connection

9:15 am Adult Bible Study/Forum

10:30 am Contemporary Worship


Wednesday Worship

No Wednesday worship April 16 during Holy Week
5:30 pm - Supper

6:00 pm - Worship

7:00 pm - Affirmation of Faith - Small Group Time






 Sunday Adult Forums for April 2014 


April 27 Pastor Dan Buendorf is our guest Pastor for Sunday April 27th. 

 The forum discussion topic will be “The Will of God.” Pastor Dan Buendorf is an alumni and ambassador for 

 Gustavus Adolphus College. He has served as pastor for several churches in MN, including Harris, Rush Point, Crosby, 

 Maple Plain, and Litchfield. He currently resides in St. Peter with his wife Sandra. 





124 QUILTS - Over 3194 since 1983

It is amazing for us in the office and staff to watch and visit with these talented and dedicated women while they create the quilts for those in need...A huge feat for these few women to accomplish this huge task in 4 short months.


The quilts will be blessed and displayed on Mother’s Day, May 11th. Please thank these women for their work.


Bernice Paulsen, Mavis Hollenbeck, Barb Priem, Joan Peterson, Kay Kendall, Diane Benson, Alice Keel, Betty Rafferty, Nancy Frye, Margaret Westphal, Karna Stock, Bev Barth, Jessie Frette



A HUGE “THANK YOU” to Bernice Paulsen and Mavis Hollenbeck for their continued leadership and participation for 30 years of  the Messiah Quilting.  In that time since 1983, 3194 quilts have been made and donated to Lutheran World Relief and local Mankato area needs. 





This year’s quilts will be donated to Lutheran World Relief and locally to: House of Hope, Welcome Inn/H  Cada House, Salvation Army,

Pine Ridge and the Anderson Family (fire)















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